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What Others Are Saying About Faery Born...
Great series. Well written and dynamic characters.
'Great series. Well written and dynamic characters. I love a great 'feel good' fantasy book and this fits the bill. I could not put it down. You cannot read just one. This is the first book in a trilogy and you will want all three. It kept me up into the wee hours of the morning.'
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Try it; you'll like it (or even love it)!

'Absolutely enjoyable! It has all the elements needed to make it a true "I'm not putting this down until I'm done and the heck with laundry, housework, and anything else...I've rarely enjoyed a book this much since my last Potter book.'
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Donna Joy has excelled herself...
'Donna Joy has excelled herself, producing yet another really engaging heroine to cheer for! Feisty, funny and totally relatable, Izzy is the teenage witch you wished you were in another life. The story is fast paced and gripping with never a dull moment. Izzy's world comes to life with wonderfully vivid descriptions and her tale keeps you enthralled with all the drama, action and laughs you could want. Bring on Book Two!!!!'
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I enjoyed Faery Born so much...

'I enjoyed Faery Born so much, I immediately ordered the second book in the series. Can't wait until the third book comes out. The series is well written with engaging characters and a strong plot. There's some humor as well as some heart wrenching moments. I got completely sucked in and didn't want this book or the second one to end.'
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A Great Read!
'Wow! This book was fantastic. Usher has created a world where magic beings and humans live and work together. The nuances of magic are both novel and familiar, and that creates its own unique world. Isadora (Izzy) is a witch about to turn 18 and her "familiar" hasn't appeared yet. A witch's familiar brings her powers; no familiar by 18, no powers ever. Aethan is a Faery, second in line for the throne and a member of the Border Guard. The story focuses on Izzy and Aethan, but not just on romance. There is so much more to the story. Goblins are attacking but no one knows why? The scope of the Border Guards' job is much more than expected. I recommend this book to anyone who likes Fantasy and Adventure.'
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Faery Fun!
'I must admit this isn't my usual genre, but I bought this book because I'm a huge fan of Donna Joy Usher, and I've loved her other books. This one didn't disappoint. We're pulled in right from the beginning, and the action doesn't stop throughout the whole book. The book is a John Locke of the fantasy world, and the plot is fun, action-filled and packed with exciting twists and turns. The characters are all well drawn - Izzy is a very believable teen age girl as well as Faery, her familiar is the most loveable dog you could imagine, and her 'Grams' is one you'll envy if you don't have a grandmother of your own. Ms Usher's writing is as good as always, and the dialogue throughout the book is tight. I can't wait to read the next book in the series - bring it on!.'
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